“I am currently focusing on fusing shamanic energy medicine with psychotherapy at an advanced level, studying psychotherapy with trauma and addiction so I can become board certified and follow my calling to help humanity. I am, therefore, not taking on any clients at the moment. However, I am always grateful for your sharing and I am available to ask questions. I welcome if you would like to share your challenges, loves and breakthroughs with me - I am always available for connection, magic and spirit work”. With love, Dhanu x

(Because energy healing does not recognise distance, space or time, all sessions can be carried out either in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.)

Illumination (90-Minutes)


Sessions begin with a compassionate inquiry into our authentic selves, with a view to energetically balancing our mind and emotions, uncovering any areas of discomfort and their root causes. Focus is on the identified core issues and self-defeating habits. Where appropriate, any addictions are addressed here, since when we heal pain, we heal addictions. Psychotherapeutic talk therapy is then fused with shamanic energy medicine, which assists in bringing our energy back into balance following the emergence of any emotional wounds, resetting our energy fields back to a lighter, balanced, more harmonious and peaceful state and resetting the fight or flight trigger …

TALK THERAPY - (60-Minutes)


Psychotherapy is simply a term for ‘talk therapy’, treating mental (matters of the mind) and emotional health by talking and learning about individual emotions, moods, feelings, thoughts, traumas, addictions and behaviours. Since we all have a mind and multiple personalities (termed ‘internal family systems’) it is an area we should all be consciously attending to, daily. Psychotherapy helps you learn how to take control of your mind, and thus your life, and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills as and when ‘triggers’ arise (for example, anger, rage, negative outbursts). If you do not wish to experience the shamanic energy medicine route and would simply prefer talk therapy, then this option is more suitable for you …

ILLUMINATION FOR Kids (30-Minutes)


Energy medicine and balancing in the chakra systems and rainbow body can assist children with focus, attention deficit and hyperactivity and bring them back into a more playful and peaceful state of being by relaxing the nervous system, which in turn helps magnificently in improving relationships at home and in school and in relieving disruptive and potentially harmful behaviours to self and others, not to mention disrupting their happiness, confidence and education …

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