Illumination for Kids (30-Minutes) £25

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Illumination for Kids (30-Minutes) £25

Children love energy medicine because they are still so strongly connected to spirit and Source (cosmic, universal) energy and their minds are wide open to dreaming magic and beauty into being to manifest love, abundance, safety and security into their realities and into our world, especially if they’ve been born into an unsafe or traumatic environment where the child’s luminous energy field as a result has stored imprints of physical and emotional trauma whilst in the womb (ancestral or via the mother) and/or after birth.  This is why it is also key to let them run wild with their imaginations and self-expression - let them play, laugh, cry, be free and, importantly, have the freedom to say ‘no’ in order to allow them to be their own person. Our children are their own in spirit law, not ours.

Energy medicine and energetic balancing in the chakra system can assist children with focus, attention deficit and hyperactivity and bring them back into a more playful and peaceful state of being by relaxing the nervous system, which in turn helps magnificently in improving relationships at home and in school and in relieving disruptive and potentially harmful behaviours to self and others, not to mention disrupting their happiness, confidence and education.  Children are commonly diagnosed these days with disorders such as ADHD and ADD, but these are just symptoms from having to ‘tune out’ from an environment. These disorders do not exist, they are not hereditary, they are ‘coping mechanisms’.

Deactivating the fight or flight system in children (and in adults) naturally reduces stress and strengthens the immune system because we are no longer releasing harmful stress hormones and chemicals or overthinking, leading to young anxiety and frustration and an ability to manage thoughts and emotions. Naturally, for all humans, when we are in a state of peace and tranquillity, we react to the world differently in a more calm, cool, collected and conscious way and this can work wonders for the whole family and at school!

My personal story

After experiencing multiple miscarriages in my 30s, I was fearful throughout the entirety of my pregnancy with my son and this fear and stress passes through to the baby.  When my son was born (he is now 5), he went through a somewhat traumatic, forced birth where, due to many complications, I myself was in trauma and filled with fear and pain, as are many mothers going through childbirth.  After 12 hours of induced and painful labour, my epidural was administered too high so I was paralysed nearly up to my neck, I could see the operative procedure and my stomach being cut open in the metal lights on the ceiling and I couldn’t move, I was high on oxygen and morphine, vomiting whilst laying down. After the birth my body went into cold shock and my son removed from me whilst I recovered in a heated blanket.  This trauma passes through to the child and straight after birth he was in a constant state of fight or flight.  Coupled with being born with a dislocated hip and being strapped up for six months, my experiencing post-natal depression and challenges in adjusting to (then) single-parenting at six months, my son didn’t sleep through the night for almost two years, he would scream hysterically and uncontrollably and he displayed a lack of focus and attention, hyperactivity, and overwhelmingly sensitivity throughout nursery years.  Being uneducated as to the toxic pharmaceutical industry, I was prescribed a cocktail of chemical-based medication after his birth which also made me partially emotionally unavailable (which accordingly I quit after 4 months for feeling absent and disconnected from myself). All of this impacts the child’s feeling of being born into an unsafe and traumatic world and has an effect on them for the rest of their lives if not addressed properly and these trapped energetic emotions released out of the Luminous Energy Field.  

This trauma has already imprinted into their energy fields and set them up with negative programming and belief systems in the subconscious that life is not safe.  Furthermore, in this highly toxic state, and through no fault of their own, children are pushed through nurseries and school from near-birth and are disciplined and punished for their inability to manage their thoughts, emotions, and levels and types of energy, which we label ‘behavioural difficulties’ and the child grows up believing there is something wrong with them, with a lack of self-love and separation from self.  The more they are disciplined, the more the believe there is something wrong with them.

Without wishing to use toxic and chemical-based conventional drugs any longer, I designed and created essential oil blends and for both myself and my own son and I practiced energy medicine, and crystal and sound therapy for both of us (we also used flower tincture, homeopathy and Feng Shui).  The energy medicine sessions for children have therefore been designed through first-hand experience with the intention of increasing frequency in the body to the point where low frequency, negative emotions and disease cannot exist over time.

Of course, all of this work must be complimented with a balanced lifestyle of healthy, organic and natural food including raw fruits, vegetables and protein, outdoors activities for connection to mother Earth and good grounding, meditation, limited use of technology and computers, healthy relationships with other children and adults, and home education around at least emotional intelligence, kindness, love and compassion. 

Illumination for Kids (30-Minutes) £30 (enquire around concessions for unemployed)

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