Illumination (90-Minutes) £80



Sessions begin with a compassionate inquiry into our authentic selves, with a view to energetically balancing our mind and emotions, uncovering any areas of discomfort and their root causes. Focus is on the identified core issues and self-defeating habits seeded by trauma, pain and suffering. Where appropriate, any addictions are addressed here, since when we heal pain, we heal addictions. Psychotherapeutic talk therapy is then fused with shamanic energy medicine and reiki, which assists in bringing our energy back into balance following the emergence of any emotional wounds, resetting our energy fields back to a lighter, balanced, more harmonious and peaceful state and resetting the fight or flight trigger. 

Andara energy vortex glass crystals and moldavite are used in the process help to balance the chakras and the luminous energy field further, assisting our ability for more powerful healing and cleansing due to their high vibrational and monatomic elements.  Crystals are placed on a fully-clothed body (soft clothing is essential).

The shamanic energy medicine firstly burns up heavy energy from core wounds and deposits adhering to the walls of the chakras, promoting longevity and strengthening the immune response. Secondly, it combusts the toxic energy around harmful physical and emotional imprints. Thirdly, it scours clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). When these imprints are erased, it is possible to change negative emotions and behaviors. The power of the immune system is unleashed, and physical healing is accelerated.

Every imprint in the LEF is linked to a chakra through which it releases toxic holograph information into the central nervous system. To better understand a client’s problem even further, a chakra assessment is performed to determine which is the compromised energy centre.

In the Inka shamanic traditions there are no “bad” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which cannot be digested. The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, turning emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge.

Every session is different and is guided by yourself and spirit. Incorporated into sessions can be pure psychotherapeutic talk therapy, pure trauma or addiction therapy, authenticity coaching, reiki, intrusive energy extraction (where you have taken on energy that does not belong to you), entity extraction and/or space clearing, soul retrieval, cord cutting of emotional ties, ancestral healing, and death rites for those crossing over.

Because energy healing does not recognise distance and space, all sessions can be carried out either in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Illumination (90-Minutes) £80 (enquire around concessions for unemployed)

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