Dhanu Le Noury is a registered Energy Medicine Practitioner and (in-training) Psychotherapist (Energy Medicine Psychotherapist), specialising in Mental and Emotional Health & Development, Trauma Healing & Addiction Recovery, but sessions can cover absolutely anything, for adults and children. Dhanu qualified with the world’s most renowned energy medicine school, The Four Winds’ 'Light Body School’, founded by Dr Alberto Villoldo - see Practitioner Directory. She is currently studying with trauma and addiction specialist, Dr Gabor Mate, on his 12-Month Psychotherapy Programme, “Compassionate Enquiry”, alongside studying to become a board certified Psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy to also enable access to assist people within prisons, NA and AA. “I believe we are all equal, we are all the same, connected, and that we are all entitled to live happy and joyful lives. I see us all as luminous beings, however, through painful experiences we have formed some dark, heavy shadows that compassionately need illuminating and transforming” (Dhanu).

Dhanu is also a mother, Reiki Master (registered with the UK Reiki Federation), a Master Mental Health & Wellness Coach with IWA Coaching and Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development to Advanced Post-Graduate in Human Development level, and holds various qualifications in NLP, Sound & Frequency Engineering, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and Essential Oils.  She was born and raised in the communes of the controversial guru, Osho, as a young child between the UK and India where he named her ‘Dhanu’, meaning ‘Loving Rainbow’ in Sanyas, and since then has lived mostly in the Channel Islands, UK with a passion for anything rainbow, including the chakra system and the rainbow body (the Luminous Energy Field).


Almost 6 years ago I was struggling to cope and I went through a huge life awakening; although painful, in hindsight was is one of the best thing that ever happened to me.  Back then, I was a first time parent going through a separation with an alcohol dependent partner, raising a 6-month old baby with a dislocated hip. I was moving house, I had no job what with being on maternity leave, and with what we thought was post-natal depression (no one back then thought to ask me about my childhood or my life in general) my GP had prescribed me a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs (anti-depressants, tranquillisers, sedatives and sleeping pills) that made me struggle to get out of bed to look after my baby.  I wasn’t eating healthily or exercising and I’d lost touch with most of my friends and family where I found it difficult to leave the house or socialise.  I was struggling to survive, I could not see light at the end of the tunnel. I was mentally and emotionally disconnected, so I cold-turkey’d everything ASAP against my GP’s wishes. I did this alongside a mostly plant-based diet, crystal and sound healing, organic essential oils, flower tinctures, reiki, grounding in nature, gentle exercise, reading etc. and a month almost in silence for gentle and zero mental stimulation. A life permanently on pharmaceuticals was not for me. I took up studying for a 2-year Post-Graduate Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Development and trained for my Reiki Master. Taking responsibility for my own health and rather than seeing a mental and emotional life coach, I went through a year-long training course and one-to-one coaching myself and qualified as a Master Integrative Wellness & Life Coach so I could help others. This was just the beginning.

I had already survived a trauma-filled childhood by the age of 7. Being born into the Osho commune in India and the UK, as a young child my brain perceived that I was unguided without adult role models whilst my parents attended to their own pain and healing journeys. We travelled constantly with no stable home, school or friends between India, the UK and Guernsey and I grew unhealthily independent, guarded, protected, untrusting, feeling unseen and able to rely only on myself for survival, thus growing up with a fear of commitment and healthy attachment. By five I had experienced parental separation and what my child mind perceived as abandonment by my parents and who themselves later turned separately to addiction and emotional unavailability in dealing with their own pain. This is human generational pain and trauma that we all go through, it is no one’s fault and we are all responsible to deal with it, take accountability for our own destinies and break the cycles.

Through a desire to block out the trauma, from around the age of 11 I went on to experience addictions, starting out with smoking, alcohol, exercise, weight and diet obsessions and being a shopaholic and workaholic - I looked amazing and had a highly-successful career. Sounds good, from the outside! I was a natural born rebel, enjoying breaking every rule and system I could. My traumatised self-esteem attracted bulling at school and I was relieved when I was asked to leave at 15. By my late teens the addictions escalated to much heavier coping mechanisms to sooth the pain and I’m grateful to this day to be alive. Furthermore, through my low frequency lifestyle and lack of self-love I attracted co-dependency, domestic violence and abuse in my partners. But even here I would stop to say that without all this life experience, I would not be in a position today to help others to heal their own traumas and I am grateful for the life lessons I’ve been gifted with. Today, I am fearless in the face of trauma and holding space with people on their healing journeys, whether you need simple, sunny guidance, or you’re on the darkest of paths.

Death or Destiny?

Apart from my baby son sleeping next to me in my bed at home, the only thing that kept me going was an awareness one day that I was in the darkness, mentally disconnected, experiencing social anxiety and low frequency emotions (depression, anxiety, anger, rage, sadness, loneliness, fear), my exhausted mind had gone into survival mode and protected itself by ‘checking out’ of the trauma until I either checked out physically, or made a conscious choice to heal my traumas.  My higher self and spirit were knocking on my door, offering me the choice of death or destiny.  I chose destiny.  I knew I had a higher calling and I consciously chose a journey to tap back into my fearless, rebellious, empowered self, coupled with all the new knowledge I had gained in walking on the dark side with my demons who I now know we call our ‘internal family system’ and we need to embrace them all.

I woke up to the fact therefore that I all I needed to get my life back on track was reconnection to myself so I could reconnect with the world and to relationships, to shine light in the darkness with shadow work and lead a high frequency lifestyle (mental clarity, crystals, essential oils flower tinctures, sound healing, healthy food (mostly plant based), meditating in silence, reiki, no alcohol, no caffeine, no dairy and a strong connection with nature and spirit) in the present moment i.e. not seeing the world through all the traumatised, painful filters and beliefs I was programmed with.  I remembered that we are all connected to spirit, the Earth and each other.  It was a simple choice; I could either check out or literally flick that switch and chose destiny over fate and outdated stories of who I used to be.

During my childhood I also enjoyed many things, such as exploring sacred sites in the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Sark) collecting stones, minerals and crystals, and exploring the energetic world.  As a young adult, I travelled to sacred sites including pyramids, tombs, temples, monasteries, energy vortexes and ancient ruins, any places imbued with sacred power in order to experience the energy grids which I am naturally drawn to in honouring spirit. I just had to connect and get back to my true essence, I was never broken, just disconnected and hidden by heavy and intrusive energy I had created myself. I was responsible for my own healing.


I spent the next five years working and studying with mental and emotional awareness coaches at post-graduate level (every evening while my baby was sleeping next to me!), human development specialists, shaman, medicine men and women, reiki masters, energy medicine specialists, indigenous alchemists, consciousness shadow workers, psychotherapists specialising in mental and emotional health, trauma and addiction, child psychology.  I walked a dark path, illuminating my own shadows, pains and traumas and I continue to study in the UK to become a board certified psychotherapist so I can help other people to reconnect with their own essence, dropping the personality, the ego, the stories, the beliefs, the heavy emotions, the traumas and pain … basically, shedding the old life, dropping the bulls**t and intrusive energy that does not belong to them and taking full response-ability. Shamans calls this the first stage of the medicine wheel, shedding our skin like the serpent.

I chose the ongoing journeying of working towards the best possible version of myself.  My calling is to help others to illuminate their own shadows and disconnection voids.  I’ve visited the darker side of life so many times, I know my way back to help and assist others in their journeys.

I chose destiny over death, ancestral and societal conditioning and fate.  What will you chose?

Today, I have the desire to connect with every single person I come into contact with and I see everyone as a luminous being, just trying to shed the s**t around them. Through my love of universal beings, I am strongly dedicated to personal transformation and being a catalyst for healing and change.  With 20+ years’ experience in corporate environments, I also have an excellent understanding of the balance required between business professionals and a holistic lifestyle.

Please contact me by email, briefly detailing the healing you would like to work on and to arrange a 15-minute phone consultation to find out of this type of healing is suitable for your requirements.

With love, Dhanu x

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