THE rainbow body


“Man is a rainbow, all the seven colours together. That is his beauty and that is his problem too. Man is multi-faceted, multidimensional. His being is not simple, it is a great complexity. The rainbow has seven colours, man has seven centers of his being.” (Osho)

Being named 'Loving Rainbow' when I was one year's old, I naturally wanted to learn everything rainbow and growing my rainbow body!

Chakra means ‘wheel’, moving, it is a whirling energy vortex.  There are many schools of thought around how many chakras we have inside and outside of the body and luminous energy field, from beneath our feet inside the Earth and through our crown and wiracocha and up into the cosmos to Source.  But it doesn’t even matter how many chakras we have and here we discuss the main seven bodily chakras, which we know are not limited and extend down below our feet and up above our head and which connect further into our energy grids and meridian points. Energy is everywhere and everything.

The rainbow colours of the chakras are defined by the frequency of the energy flow through the respective vortex which corresponds to the same frequency as the colours of the rainbow and which create our rainbow bodies. 

The first three chakras (red, orange, yellow) can be termed as ‘animal’ and are mostly concerned with food, money, power, domination, control and sex.  People living only in these lower chakras are living closest to the animal kingdom; it is about survival with no purpose and living more in the reptilian brain.  For example, the food-obsessed person, the power-maniac – the ego-driven dominator, and the sex-driven; it is about self-absorption, destruction, egoism, power, control, greed and self-preservation with little concern for others.  In the lower chakras, we are living mostly as animals, not as humans or evolved beings.

The fourth chakra (green) is the heart and it is the bridge between animal (red, orange, yellow) and Source energy (blue, indigo, violet) and crossing over this bridge is where our frequency begins to increase and animal becomes human because all of the rainbow rays are present.

The fifth (blue), sixth (indigo) and seventh (violet) chakras after you have crossed the heart bridge from animalistic to humanistic are living the love frequency, speaking your truth, trusting your intuition, universal connection and striving to be one’s highest self and usually of service to others, all of our brothers and sisters world wide. We even appreciate that people living in the lower chakras are unconscious and we can be more compassionate towards loving them to consciousness.


(The main seven body chakras - there are many more inside and outside of the body.)

Violet – CROWN

Overthinking, anxiety, depression, headaches/head issues, spirituality, wisdom, oneness, universal consciousness, connection to Source. 

Indigo – Third Eye/BROW

Spiritual system, intuitive knowing, telepathy, psychic abilities, abstract thoughts, insight, visualization, eyes, brain, endocrine or hormonal balance, lyphatic system, memory and concentration, sleep issues. 

Blue – Throat

Communication, truth and self-expression, implementation of creative ideas, throat/neck/jaw/ears/mouth/teeth, thyroid. 

Green – Heart

Love, kindness and compassion, self-acceptance and confidence, sympathy, forgiveness, jealousy, anger and grief, lungs, shoulders/arms/hands. 

Yellow – Solar Plexus

Ego, judgement, self-control, self-esteem, vitality, anxiety and stress, feeling abandoned, willpower, drive, stomach, liver. 

Orange – Sacral

Personal power, creativity, pleasure, sexuality, intimacy, passion, abdomen, lower back, kidneys, stomach.

Red – Root

Groundedness, basic survival needs, safety, trust, self-esteem, physical health, stability, security, vitality, identity, digestive issues, back/feet/legs. 

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