What is shamanic reiki?

Scientifically measurable and researched using quantum physics, Reiki is an intelligent form of healing energy based on the principle that the Reiki Practitioner can channel energy by means of working in and around the client’s Luminous Energy Field, to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being and balance, also using activation symbol as keys to inform the field around, for example, emotional support and release. Shamanic Reiki at LC is where we combine Reiki energy and symbols with shamanic archetypes (since our minds prefer to work with symbols and visuals) which render a powerful, yet gentle, fusion of ancient Shamanic Energy Medicine, symbols and visuals used in the Illumination sessions, at the request of the client. The combinations heighten visual journeying which our minds understand more than words and render the healing journey more powerful.

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