What is addiction?

Addiction is a means of using a substance or behaviour as an external coping mechanism by which to sooth pain, destress, and to ‘not be ourselves’ for a while. We can be addicted to smoking, sugar, alcohol, working, pharmaceuticals, internet, shopping, eating, exercise, drugs, gambling, sex, porn - the list is endless because the issue is not around what the addictive behaviour or substance is, but the impact and damage of the relationship with it. And the only way to escape from pain is to connect with it, experience it, be with it and see the truth with compassionate support, hence illuminating the disconnection void. In the busy and hectic lifestyles we live today, we all want instant relief, quick satisfaction, distraction, escapism, a quick getaway. Instead of seeing our painful emotions as intelligent signals and opportunities for us to correct our life alignment paths where we have veered away from our true essence and full potential, we are taught to suppress our emotions and remain in pain and we blame our external environment i.e. our relationships, the world, our jobs, our families, anything other than going inside to heal our own programming and the ‘out of date’ holographic data we hold in our energy fields. In the words of Gabor Mate (trauma and addiction specialist), “Not why the addiction, but why the pain?” Following trauma and/or addiction, we can feel shame at our inability to cope and we thus abandon ourselves, rarely being present in our bodies and fully experiencing self-love or enjoying life. We just live life aimlessly with no direction.

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