What is trauma?

We have all experienced trauma on some level. Trauma is disconnection from ourselves in the present moment as a result of something that happened to us, rendering us prisoners of the past and where we have lost connection with our true essence (the real us, behind the ego, personality, stories, beliefs, labels, negative thoughts, old programming etc.). We literally live in ‘thought land’, never present, more concerned with our past (depression) and future (anxiety). Current day situations trigger old pain, but we think it’s from the present day and we are left confused as to why we are feeling so emotionally wounded and disconnected, not feeling like our authentic selves. We sacrifice our own authenticity for attachment to, and approval of, others.  Trauma happens to all of us, usually between the ages of 0 - 7 years old, and most turn to external coping mechanisms (as painkillers, soothers, for physical and emotional pain) to fill this disconnection void - hence addiction. Can you remember your childhood between 0 - 7? If not, either nothing happened, or too much happened! For most of us, it is the latter.

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