What is Luminous Connection?

Luminous Connection is a Psychotherapeutic and Shamanic Energy Medicine approach to Mental and Emotional Health and Development, Trauma Healing and Addiction Recovery. The term ‘Luminous Connection’ refers to each and every one of us, a network of billions of lights on our planet - perfect, luminous beings connected by our original essence, our true selves. Our original essence, however, is hidden from most of us as a result of holding pain and heavy emotions in our bodies, minds and Luminous Energy Fields. This can cause disconnection from ourselves, our relationships and the world. Rather than living healthy lives in harmony with humanity and the planet, our minds become distorted by old beliefs and out of date programming born out of pain. We store heavy emotions (and memories) both in our physical bodies and in our fields as holographic data that interacts with a unified quantum field. This energy field is shared by all of us and the planet (also referred to as “spirit”, ‘an invisible moving force that influences life or matter’). The flawed information we hold in our fields acts as lens filters through which see the world, distorting our perception; this is how our thoughts create our reality. This is how we can all experience the world uniquely and how two people can experience the exact same event differently.

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