Illuminating disconnection voids … lighting up the darkness.

A Psychotherapeutic and energy medicine approach

to Mental and Emotional Health and Development, Trauma Healing and Addiction Recovery

“Illuminating disconnection voids … lighting up the darkness.”

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What is Luminous Connection? Luminous Connection (LC) refers to each and every one of us as a network of billions of lights on our planet …

What is the vision? The vision is to enable connection to our true, authentic selves by bringing compassion, love, respect, acceptance and freedom to humanity …

I felt safe from the moment I met Dhanu ... I underestimated the journey that her beautiful soul and experience would enable me to take.
I believe we are all equal, we are all the same, connected, and that we are all entitled to live happy and joyful lives. I see us all as luminous beings, however, through painful experiences we have formed some dark, heavy shadows that compassionately need illuminating and transforming.
— Dhanu Le Noury
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Dhanu Le Noury is a registered Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master and in-training Psychotherapist, specialising in Mental and Emotional Health & Development, Trauma Healing & Addiction Recovery …

What is an Energy Medicine Psychotherapist? Dhanu especially utilises a complimentary fusion of shamanic energy medicine and psychotherapy, since they both work with the human psyche to facilitate deep healing …

Feeling amazing, refreshed and open hearted following my “Illumination” with Dhanu and loving the Shamanic Energy Medicine healing work and her authenticity. I can’t recommend highly enough.


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What is trauma? We have all experienced trauma on some level. Trauma is disconnection from ourselves in the present moment as a result of something that happened …

What is addiction? Addiction is a means of using a substance or behaviour as an external coping mechanism by which to sooth pain, destress, and to ‘not be ourselves’ …

What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is talk therapy used to uncover mental and emotional health issues such as why we are depressed, anxious, or schizophrenic. It is …

What is shamanic energy medicine? Shamanic energy medicine is an ancient methodology for healing based on upgrading the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) where …

Illumination? You’re telling me. I have reconnected with parts of my higher self that I did not even know existed. I feel wonderful, I feel light and best of all, I feel free.
— Daniel White, Nutritional Coach (Guernsey)


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What are emotional wounds? Emotional wounds stem from trauma as a result of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), childhood issues, abandonment, parental …

When would I book an appointment with Luminous Connection?  Simply when you are not feeling like yourself and you are finding it hard to process certain …

Dhanu sets a lovely warm and welcome open space, I felt confident and relaxed. During the session I felt a sense of peace and solidity, almost like that part of me was allowed to adjust back to centre and release and I drifted off to sleep.
— Steve Glass, Photographer (Guernsey)



Why are crystals used in sessions? Crystals are placed on the body to increase vibrational frequency to assist in shifting heavy emotions out of the energy field …

Who is Luminous Connections for? Everyone, including babies and children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, from the living to those ready to cross over to the spirit …

Following a space clearing and Feng Shui consultation with Dhanu, I experienced huge energy shifts. We introduced the elemental energies of water, metal, earth, fire and wood to bring balanced energy into my home. Everything is energy, this really does work.
— Tammy Lodge, Cure Clinic (Guernsey)

An Energy Medicine and Psychotherapeutic approach

to Mental and Emotional Health and Development, Trauma Healing and Addiction Recovery

“Illuminating disconnection voids … lighting up the darkness.”

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